Break out of the European prison

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There is a term sometimes used to describe people who have been in prison for a very long time.

They are said to be institutionalised and are so anxious about facing life on the outside that they prefer to stay behind bars.

This feeling of ‘better the devil you know’ is being exploited by David Cameron and EU supporters to terrify the British people into staying in the European Union.

From the very beginning, we have been lied to about the eventual aims of the European project.

Edward Heath in 1973 stated on television that fears over the loss of sovereignty and independence were “totally unjustified”.

Heath’s government had already sold out Britain’s entire fishing grounds in exchange for membership of what would become an economic madhouse.

Europhiles are constantly stating that the EU has kept the peace in Europe since the end of the Second World War – tell that to the people of the former Yugoslavia where hundreds of thousands died – perhaps they were not considered European enough?

David Cameron recently returned from his ‘tough negotiations’ with the EU and declared he had obtained a good deal for Britain.

I seem to remember Tony Blair using the same phrase after he sacrificed a chunk of Britain’s contribution rebate in exchange for CAP reforms which never materialised.

Said rebate was won by Margaret Thatcher – our only Prime Minister to have the guts to tell the EU mandarins to their faces what she thought of them and their system.

It was her stance on Europe that ended her career and not the poll tax as many still think.

I could fill this page with reasons to leave the EU, but I’ll settle for one – Britain would regain her self-respect and end 40 years of humiliation.

The walls of our Euro-prison are getting higher and wider.

We have one chance to escape and to realise there is life outside.

On June 23, the door to freedom will be temporarily open. Have a good long look and then make your decision.

Take the wrong path and the British people will never see the other side of that door again.