Brave residents should get a medal

Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
Save the trees campaign on Rustlings Road in Sheffield
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Dear Mr Green and Mr Lodge

Thank you for your reply to my email expressing deep concerns regarding the tree replacement scheme in Sheffield.

My email was in first instance directed to Councillor Lodge from whom I am still awaiting a personal answer to the points I have made .

I am pleased to hear that the council and Amey have now committed to working with residents in a “more transparent and collaborative” manner.

I also understand that the charges against the residents trying to protect their trees have been dropped.

I hope that these brave residents will be offered a medal next for the care and concern that they have shown for what should be one of Sheffield’s greatest assets – its beautiful mature trees.

When reading your letter, it strikes me that you focus on the way you will implement the scheme, but not the scheme itself.

As explained in my first letter it is irresponsible and not very environmental to take away mature, healthy trees, even when they are replaced with new ones in due course.

What’s more, it is highly inconsiderate to do this when many residents obviously would like to retain these trees.

These residents have consulted tree experts who agree that many of the existing trees could live for a considerable time yet, with the help of appropriate care.

This is the way forward in modern times, not the hack and slash methods applied hitherto.

As requested earlier, I urge the council and Amey to sit down with the residents and discuss the whole scheme in detail, with the aim to review the plan and make it more environmentally responsible – as well as more democratically anchored.

This should be accompanied by thorough and in depth Health and Environmental impact assessments, both with regards to the tree scheme and the street light scheme, which as it is now has opted for far too high a CCT, harming human and wildlife circadian rhythms and adding to sky glow as well as debilitating glare.

I am looking forward to Mr Lodge’s personal reply to this email and then a follow-up email from you as to how your tree – and light – scheme will be improved to fit into the 21st century.

Tanja Katarina Rebel

Isle of Wight