Bowel screening

Bowel cancer screening
Bowel cancer screening
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In reply to Carol Seymour, Stocksbridge, letters, June 20, asking about bowel screening.

I had my letter last month, it says you are invited at the age of 55 and if you decide not to have the screening you can still have it up until your 60th birthday.

Then at about age 60 you will be invited to have more bowel screening using a different test, the one you mentioned. There is a free helpline number, 0800 7076060 that you can call.

D Tickhill

Dronfield, S18

The perfect snap shot

An Australian couple fall off a wall in Portugal to their deaths after taking a selfie. What a tragic story but one that seems to be happening on a regular basis.

Some people are too wrapped up in getting the perfect snap shot they don’t look around them, then accidents happen. Life isn’t just seen through the lens of a camera.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Missing spectacles

I am trying to get in touch with an elderly lady who had a fall at a bus stop outside Atkinson’s at about 12.30 on Saturday, June 16.

I removed her glasses which had fallen to the back of her head and in the confusion I must have put them in my handbag without thinking. An ambulance was called so I contacted the hospitals. They tried to help but without success as I don’t know the lady’s name.

I should be very grateful if you could give this matter some publicity so this lady can be reunited with her spectacles.

Mary Alexander

Knab Road,Sheffield, S7

Funding for the NHS

It is good to hear of more funding for our precious NHS, and a bit more tax and some of the savings from a clean Brexit should enable it to happen.

But, we must tie the extra funding to individual Trusts and ask that they itemise a robust efficiency improvement plan.

We still have “luxurious” management in the NHS, and with the lack of people to do the actual “caring” jobs, we just can’t afford to carry on as now.

And the money won’t come for a year or two, while social care badly needs extra funding immediately.

The highly trained, professional and dedicated NHS staff do not need so many managers, they need more front-line colleagues and a few more beds.

Dr Steve Brennan, (Retired NGH/RDGH Consultant)

Winhill House, Thornhill, S33

Depends on your answer

Without wishing to cause offence I am not entirely confident that Mr Olsen, (June 21), completely understood my letter of June 8, but notwithstanding I will try to keep my response to his epic reply brief.

You say you totally disagree with the idea that skin colour should enter into the question of eligibility for public office. I never suggested you thought otherwise and I am happy to take you at your word.

Could I however ask if you consider such a suggestion to be racist? If yes why do you support the right to disseminate such views unless you believe they constitute a legitimate opinion, albeit one with which you disagree, which has a right to be heard.

If no how would you describe it?

To go slightly off piste have you found out what literal means. Tip, it’s pretty much the opposite of metaphorical.

Stephen Crowther


Still good people

In this modern world where many of the yesteryear accepted moral standards of behaviour and goodwill to each other are sadly only memories, I recently had a very refreshing and enlightening experience which brought back those memories and the realisation that there are still good people to be met in one’s life. Please permit me to share these thoughts with you.

I am 81 and a a disabled resident at the Meadows and I easily get out of breath. I recently went to the local Tesco to purchase groceries and bingo prizes for my fellow residents. I pushed my fully laden trolley to the checkout counter and Jasmine saw that I was having difficulty in doing so. She kindly unpacked my trolley, checked out the goods and then replaced them in the trolley for me to wheel them back to the Meadows.

On the way back there is a gradient to navigate, easier for younger fitter people but very difficult for me. As I approached the Devonshire Arms two Good Samaritans came to my rescue. The first lady called Gladys with whom I am acquainted, is also a senior citizen and she kindly offered to help push my trolley. We were both having difficulty when a complete stranger, a young lady called Tara, saw our predicament, came to our rescue and pushed the trolley all the way to the Meadows for me.

I thanked her for the kindness which she had shown to me and her reply was that it was her good deed for the day. We embraced and I wished her God bless as I do to Gladys and Jasmine. Their help and kindness made me realise that in spite of the negative news of recent happenings of a minority in Sheffield, there are still many good people who more than compensate for this by their selfless voluntary actions to benefit their fellow man/woman with no thought of reward for themselves.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Rename them clerks

Prince Edward spends £37,000 of taxpayers cash on a private jet journey.

It could have been worse.

It could have been £370,000 on a round-the- world cruise.

The problem is the private secretaries,assistant private secretaries, private diary secretaries et al are not allowed to refuse, criticise or give their opinions to their royal masters.

They will be sacked if they do and future knighthoods and gongs will not be given.

Instead, rename them general clerks and pay them the basic rate and reduce the numbers by at least 50 per cent.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham, S60