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After reading a recent Star letter from a Carol F, I managed to find the names and addresses of the convicted on the website.

I too am incensed by this misuse as I am a disabled badge holder.

I have written to the Star several times over these issues, (fraudulent use of the badge, and people parking in a disabled bay without a badge).

The two most dominant sites are Tesco at Millhouses and Aldi on St Mary’s Road at the bottom of the Moor.

I have complained to the management on several occasions to no avail.

It is welcome that these perpetrators are brought to book, however the proud boast by the council that these are the first of more to come I find astonishing as Doncaster, Barnsley, Chesterfield and Rotherham have been prosecuting and publishing the same in the Star for years.



A tribute to the victims

The Day that Shook The World.

The nation stood still in shock and fear, our hearts pour out to those innocent victims who lost friends,family they held so dear,filled with grief and sorrow,

Although our words cannot begin to convey or express the deep agony and pain of those whose hearts are broken and crushed, precious lives destroyed, nothing or no-one can ever fill that void.

The nation share in your grief, tears and pain as we know the lives of all who have been affected will never be the same again,

But this is a message sent with love from the bottom of our hearts,

Hope, comfort and courage to help

You through,

The nation offers its support to all

You Dear families, standing by you

Sending strength and comfort for every tomorrow

I wanted you to know that people of Britain and

The whole world over sincerely care and

Are deeply sorry for your tragic loss

It is unbearable beyond repair

But our love and strength we want to share

To express our sincere and deep condolences go out to each and every one who have been affected by this evil act and the major impact it has brought to you all.

Our thoughts and heartfelt prayers are

With you all during this most

Saddest time.

Leanne Perks

by email

It’s a lot worse here

Referring to Jayne Grayson’s letter on overflowing dog bins, our situation at Lodge Moor is a lot worse than that.

We have a lot of people who don’t believe in picking up after their dog.

The Spider Park path is one of them.

A notice was placed by someone asking for poo to be cleared away.

Somebody has twice deliberately thrown it into the long grass even though there are bins to use.

B Wilkinson


Pensioners beware

Theresa May is proposing to means test pensioner income under the guise of seeing whether they should receive the winter fuel allowance payment.

This at first seems quite reasonable as many well-off pensioners quite rightly may not need the £100 payments.

However, giving up this information so cheaply to a government department is very dangerous as it only needs to be done once for it to be rolled out in future over all aspects of social payments.

For example, at a later date they could use the information gained to say you are wealthy enough not to receive a free bus pass or free prescriptions or social care or even state pension.

I would rather the winter payments be scrapped to all than be means tested.

Is it only me that can see the danger?

R Davis

by email

Littering in the woods

Re: S Green, Longley, I just read your letter on littering in the woods opposite Hucklow Road.

A couple of years ago I was waiting for the traffic lights to change, a little higher up the road, at the junction of Stubbin Lane and Barnsley Road, when I saw a couple of elderly men stroll up to the wall where the woods are, with two carrier bags full of litter.

I couldn’t believe my eyes as they, casually, emptied the contents into the woods as they chatted away, as if it was the natural thing to do.

Unbelievable really.

Ted Fowler

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Raking up the war

Replying to Susan Richardson’s patriotic “clap trap” about voting leave. I was born during the war too, the war that ended more than 70 years ago, let’s not forget that.

We do have agreement on one thing and that is the bravery of the servicemen, yes servicemen not just air force personnel, who were ORDERED to fight against Hitler and the Nazis, (who were also ordered to fight against us). These servicemen were helped in the winning of the war by other nations – Poland, France, both EU members, and even the Yanks, to enable peace in Europe which has lasted since then.

Go back further and don’t forget how the British plundered many countries in the building of an Empire, so how can this nation adopt a “holier than thou” attitude and feel that we are the only special ones in this world. As for the s- called “shackles of the EU”, if you read up, and I am not talking about the national press and their, at times, downright lies on the subject, you will find that we are not as shackled as we are all brainwashed to believe. All the information is out there to read up on. Finally on the current PM, again if you listen to her pre-referendum speeches, (fact not fiction), she extols the virtues of being in the EU very clearly, only to find that when the top job arrives on her doorstep, the first words that leave her mouth are Brexit means Brexit. How can that person ever be trusted whether you are a leaver or remainer?

Move into the 21st century and think of the futures of the young which the older generation are taking away from them. Its criminal and we won’t be here probably to witness it. We all enjoyed our childhoods to varying degrees, but those times have long since gone and will never return.

B Heaton

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Healthy tree was felled

Once again Amey are living up to their reputation by felling a perfectly healthy tree at the side of Gleadless Road.

It wasn’t dangerous, it wasn’t dying, it hasn’t damaged the pavement but some fool decided it had got to go even though it was only around 70 years’ old.

It has grown quite happily with its neighbour since they were both planted. I’d like to ask Amey why was it felled?

Vin Malone

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