Bloody nose for Obama

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Looks like US President Barack Obama, has received another ‘bloody’ nose.

This time from Russia’s President Putin, who just like the British people regarding Brexit, refused to be bullied by this egoistic nonentity who continued to make the American poor poorer and the rich richer, just like has happened here in the UK during the last 20 years or so.

Obama withdraws diplomats from Russia anticipating, wrongly, that Putin would do a tit for tat.

Obama picked on the wrong man if he thought he could bully Putin.

It just shows what Obama, the Clintons and the rest of the USA Democrats are prepared to do all because they lost the race to the White House.

A bit like the ‘lovers’ of democracy here in the UK, providing that same democracy goes a certain way, their way.

Ask Clegg, Farron, Soubry and the like.

Enter ‘The Donald’ come January and we will have to endure more squealing from the ‘lovers’ of democracy.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74