Birthday celebration in song

Sheffield Song cast at Montgomery Hall Theatre
Sheffield Song cast at Montgomery Hall Theatre
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...AND from South African history to the history of South Yorkshire...

This trio of youngsters, pictured right, will take a starring role in a play recalling 200 years of fair Sheffield.

The youngsters – John Rwothomach, Lola Panic and Rebekah Walton – are three in a cast of some 75 am-drammers from across the city staging the spectacular show celebrating the bi-centenary of the Sheffield Christian Education Council.

The ambitious extravaganza, named Sheffield Song, will take place at Montgomery Theatre, in Surrey Street, city centre.

It tells the story of two students time-travelling and meeting famous faces like Charlie Peace and John Ruskin.

“It promises to be an amazing spectacle,” says director Lindsey Beagles.

Tickets from with the show starting at 7.30pm on July 5.