“Birdwoman of Leverton, I salute you”

Feeding the birds
Feeding the birds
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I wish to support a fellow tenant of my block at Leverton Gardens for continuing to feed the birds, mostly pigeons, that congregate when she throws out bread for them.

These creatures add some spiritual comfort to an otherwise soulless place – a place that has been designed to take away individual rights and enslave the citizens to an authoritarian council.

There is a poster on the ground floor asking people not to feed the birds. While I respect council employees, I am unwilling to consent to this rule. Some rules should be broken if they are wrong.

Birdwoman of Leverton, I salute you.

John C Fowler

Leverton Gardens, S11

A waste of money

It is madness preventing people parking on a road for a few cyclists.

No thought is given to the problems it will cause to people who live there or businesses.

In Rotherham, West Bawtry Road from Canklow roundabout continuing to East Bawtry Road as far as Brecks and Moorgate Road have cycle lanes, yet the cyclists are always on the main road, so the lanes were a total waste of money.

Jim Ramsden

Lindum Terrace, S65

Friendly advice

Could I be allowed to point out to G Shepherd, (letters, September 1), that Ken Livingstone was not sacked by Labour, he resigned.

Could I also offer a little friendly advice.

Writing ‘There you go, my last sentence is anti-Semitic’ merely serves to establish your credentials as a member of the Naughty Children’s Letters Club. Perhaps an impression you may wish to avoid in future but entirely up to you of course.

Stephen Crowther


Please come home Linda

Dear Linda Mary Luke, PLEASE come home. You are much needed here. It’s a breath of fresh air to hear someone tell it how it really is.

Your views are the same as a vast number of people, who only voice these opinions in private amongst friends. So keep ’em coming Linda. Looking forward to reading your next opinions.

T Walker

Sheffield, S13

Ignorance is not bliss

Replying to Brenda Titterton I would like to ask her where her evidence of corruption regarding the EU comes from?

I suspect it comes from the national press along with the childish “remoaner” label. If she is looking for corruption then she had better start much nearer to home, much nearer. The leave campaign has already been proved to be “corrupt” and have been duly fined for it.

MEPs from all countries represented their own countries and had their votes in a democratic way, and that included ours!

It is about time that people such as yourself educated themselves regarding the running of the European parliament and looked at the real facts, not the ones the right wingers want you to know. Ignorance in this instance is not bliss.

As for the democratic referendum I suppose also that you are oblivious to the fact that Farage, (the fisheries supposed representative in Brussels who hardly ever turned up to do his job FACT), had stated prior to the result that if the result has been 52-48 the other way then it would have been “unfinished business”, his words. In fact the margin was slightly below that. There was also a fishing “rights” problem which Farage ignored but Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall, (the TV chef ), campaigned and the EU changed their policy as a result.

B Heaton


In memory of Jo Cox

What price do we have to pay

Please help them to find a better way

To all the people I say to you

Continue with what I know to be true

Go forward and find the clear bright light

With all your strength and all your might

Remember my vision in all that you see

And tell them all to live and let be

Heighten yourself above all the fear

And roam amongst the people so dear

Always listen and hear what they say

And tend them all towards a better day

The barrier of hate is not strong but weak

Just push against it and hear it creak

I now leave you with this strength in my spirit

For you to live life guided by it

Patrick Nevin

Sheffield, S6

A fake look at life

I had to laugh, a young woman who’s got the job that’s all the rage these days, a blogger, (do they teach that at university?), has come in for some nasty comments after posting pictures of her wonderful life.

She’s posing after getting up in a morning, hair blow- dryed, full face of make-up, ironed jimjams with a breakfast that was pancakes but turned out to be sandwich wraps and drinking tea from a empty cup.

Why are people saying horrible things about me she cries, I was just sharing my life with my followers, oh please. Who are the people who follow these sorts of 20 somethings?

If this is the future I am glad I have nearly reached my half century without having to follow anyone showing me a fake look at life.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Bag prices

Is it written in the retailers’ terms of employment that staff know by heart how to say “Do you want a bag?”

It is probably the most said jingle in the United Kingdom, but be quick if you want one, because it’s going up to 10 pence.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14