Billings should hang his head in shame

Dr Alan Billings
Dr Alan Billings
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I write to express my disgust at the manner in which Dr Alan Billings, PCC for South Yorkshire betrayed Chief Constable David Crompton in the immediate aftermath of the Hillsborough inquests.

At a time when Dr Billings should have been supporting the Chief Constable, and the officers of South Yorkshire Police, he continued with the process to remove David Crompton from office.

This was despite detailed and objective advice from HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary Sir Tom Winsor, who described the action against the Chief Constable as “conspicuously unfair, disproportionate and so unreasonable that I cannot understand how the PCC has reached this view”.

The high court has now decided in favour of David Crompton, branding Dr Billings’ decisions as “irrational, perverse, unreasonable, misconceived and wholly disproportionate”.

Despite the court ruling, which mirrors the advice from the Chief HMI, we are told that Dr Billings now intends to appeal.

He should hang his head in shame and resign.

We are told that the cost of proceedings is already £250,000 which we have to assume is from the operational policing budget.

While there seems little scope for interpretation of the court ruling the news is that Dr Billings seeks to appeal.

David Crompton’s distinguished 30 years police service and his personal reputation were destroyed by this action.

His declared intention to retire in November 2016 was completely thwarted.

The whole purpose of the Hillsborough process is said to be in pursuit of justice.

If Dr Billings subscribes to that view he should resign forthwith and not divert another penny of police funds in defence of his action.

The mayor of Manchester Andy Burnham should also look long and hard at the part he played by unjustifiably maligning South Yorkshire Police and influencing this action.

Mick Brookfield

Retired officer from South Yorkshire Police