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Recycling bins
Recycling bins
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I agree with Gary Speck’s letter about misuse of large bins by passersby.

It was something I’d not thought of when I was thinking of my own concerns eg surely they will be eyesores and who would want one outside their house when people could be using them at all times making a noise with bottles etc?

Who’ll be responsible for cleaning up dropped items or bags dumped by the side.

How would they be emptied without damage to parked cars.

Our car has been scratched before with our present black bin, and could someone explain how it will save a lot of money?

Ann Morton


Compassion in short supply

If ever you see a blind person with a guide dog on public transport get up and give your seat to this person.

After reading about a blind man and his dog and the horrible experience he suffered I cannot believe anyone would just sit there and see this man in distress.

What’s happened to compassion these days? It seems in very short supply.

Jayne Grayson

Sheffield, S35

Belated thank you

I would like to send a belated thank you to the young couple who came to my aid when I fell off my bicycle on June 13.

I had just crossed the road near the Crown Inn to go to Chapeltown from Wortley when I fell off on the pavement.

They helped me up and made sure I was fit to continue before going.

I am getting better, apart from a sore ankle and want to thank these young people for their kindness.

From a 68-year-old who ought to be more careful.

Richard Taylor

King Street, Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35

The speed limit is 30mph

My heart goes out to the family of Leslie Bingham who died after being hit by a police car on Penistone Road.

The point is that the speed limit is 30mph on Penistone Road whether the officer thought he was doing a sensible speed for the road he was well over the speed limit.

To try and blame the colour of the man’s clothing against the colour of a wall is pathetic.

Brenda Titterton


They do a great job

I had a visit from Places for People to check if everything is all right.

A nice young lady perused the place and a gentleman who checked the smoke alarms and ventilators, it’s good to see that the housing association are showing concern and taking the time to assure tenants that everything is being done to keep every one safe and well.

And not forgetting the cleaning and the maintenance staff, who do a great job.

EB Warris

Sheffield, S14

Hits the nail on the head

I have accorded Veronica Hardstaff the courtesy of reading her letter “EU partners are NOT our enemies”, Star, June 26, 2018 and have not chosen to ignore it.

If she had read my letter properly, I made no mention of continuing trading outside the EU “without any problems whatsoever.”

I said that we could trade as an individual nation, as could the other 27 EU members if they wished to do so.

Veronica appears to be still missing or failing to accept the crucial point that with uncontrolled immigration to this country, in the not too distant future we could be over-populated with the influx of newcomers from EU nations and further afield.

The result of this influx would be disastrous for our economy, welfare system, housing, education, jobs, NHS.

Veronica quotes current problems regarding agriculture, aviation, manufacturing, Northern Ireland, Euratom etc.

These problems would pale into insignificance when set against a possible UK apocalyptic scenario of “life” in Britain as a consequence of uncontrolled immigration.

For the lady to dismiss immigration as “we could use measures employed by other EU countries to insist jobs are all advertised locally before, and restrict access to benefits to newcomers for a certain amount of time” suggests that she is either burying her head in the sand or does not fully grasp the consequences of uncontrolled immigration to our country.

Veronica hits the nail on the head when she quotes Germany exporting four times more to China than we do – within the rules of the EU!

In my Second World War parlance substitute shackles for rules.

The “very narrow vote” in favour of leaving the EU was c 1.4 million.

In a democratic society one vote is considered a majority, setting this against 1.4 million is hardly a very narrow victory.

As for having a meaningful vote by our elected representatives on the final deal – these same MPs voted almost unanimously to pass the remain or leave issue to the British people via a national referendum because they did not feel able/qualified to do so on such an important constitutional matter.

Because the vote did not go their way they are now intent on placing every obstacle in Brexit’s way and seeking to remain in the EU – very undemocratic conduct for which they should all be ashamed of themselves.

Regarding Winston Churchill seeing a “United States of Europe” in 1948, I offer an alternative 1946 quote which he made in a Speech to the Academic Youth in Zurich, in which he said that “We must build a KIND of United States of Europe”.

Historians have since suggested that his intention was to have a United States of Europe – but without Britain being a member.

By all means, work with other countries to build peace, while remembering that our post-war peace in Europe has largely been achieved by being members of NATO.

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5