Beware of Lib Dems bearing gifts

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Of course it’s correct to say that, in a democratic society, we should be able to change our voting preferences whenever we wish, although, significantly, it took decades to reach Brexit.

What I find interesting is a previous writer’s reference to ‘a crop of 18-year-old voters.’

A crop also refers to the yield from a predetermined planting and feeding programme.

In this age of ‘thought seeding’ by the political elite, it seems to be a very appropriate description.

I hope that this younger ‘crop’ will be able to compete when it comes to houses and jobs. I know of many young people, with good qualifications, who, at present, cannot.

No one should underestimate the intelligence of the younger generation, nor should their votes be taken for granted.

Polls are notoriously unreliable and I believe that the free-thinking individuals in the ‘crop’ will come to a decision, whatever it may be, based on the world they see around them and not on the opportunist rhetoric of any political party.

They may not remember the days before agency employment, zero-hours contracts, food banks and the reliance, of many, on charity.

They may also, be unaware that while these things were becoming the norm, Nick Clegg, the previous Lib Dem leader, was making vast amounts of money from his 10-year role in the EU, but they will certainly remember the ‘student fee’ promises made by him and his party in a previous election campaign.

They will also be well aware of how membership of the EU has caused major social and economic difficulties to countries like Greece and just maybe, this time, they will beware of Lib Dems bearing gifts.