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Graves Park in Sheffield
Graves Park in Sheffield
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I was dismayed to find Graves Park heading your survey of crime in parks.

As children my sister and I played for hours in Graves Park with no problems. A highlight of the year was the Whit Sing there with our Sunday School.

As teenagers, we played tennis on its courts and when dad retired, watched him play bowls.

Now retired myself, I sometimes walk there with my U3A Strollers group. It’s a beautiful park with something for all ages.

I hope your report won’t deter folk from visiting. Be vigilant, but enjoy what I think is our city’s best park.

PM Grayson

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They’re having a pop at me

I think Jayne Grayson missed the point in my letter and now Susan Richardson is having a pop at me.

It was nothing to do with the cost of the books or whether it is right or wrong to help educate your children, it was about using the words “shame on you”.

Of cause we all need education but no matter how many books you put in front of a child not everyone will hack it or be able to retain the information.

Jayne also said there is nothing better than a good book, that’s fine. I don’t think there is anything better than walking 10 miles in the Peak District. Who’s right, who’s wrong?

In response to DS Dronfield, I can write and spell but obviously not to your standard but if I had left school in 1960 with better academic qualifications, (this spell check is great), instead of the practical ones I got, my career could have taken a different route and I wouldn’t have met my lovely wife and been married 52 years, raised two wonderful children and been blessed with five grandchildren and two great grandchildren. I wouldn’t swap any of that for all the books in the city library.

So let’s put this subject to bed by saying we are all individuals, by all means buy books for your children, help them with their education but don’t criticise people who don’t and please don’t use the word “shame” to anyone who doesn’t step up to the mark. Happy reading to you all.

PS, I have actually read five books in my life but I don’t think I have turned out all that bad.

Graham Barnett

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The Stables restaurant

Many thanks to the writer of the letter about the Stables restaurant at High Melton campus of Doncaster.

I want to give Debbie, Ged and all the staff who worked there over the years a huge thank-you for the service they provided for this special venue.

The people who went there when I visited were all satisfied with top notch fare.

I am not a foody connoisseur, but know that every meal I had there was special and better than many in Doncaster.

It was a sad day to lose this venue, but I hope the experienced staff will enhance and raise the level of fare and service at other venues in the Doncaster area.

Thank you for all you did at this wonderful setting.

David Nevett

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Lost wedding rings

After reading about Andrew Bilsborrow and his lost wedding ring I thought I would write in about my husband’s wedding ring which he lost on our honeymoon while swimming.

We reported it to our holiday rep, she told him if he had an idea where he might have lost it he ought to return to the spot to try and find it as the sea was very calm and this had happened to many grooms. Well the next morning with snorkelling gear in tow he spent the whole day going up and down. Well, unbelievably he did find it but was sick after swallowing so much sea water.

A few years later when on another holiday in Turkey we were swimming in the sea and he lost it again, but the strange thing was he said it felt as if the sea just slipped it off his finger and wanted it back. Unfortunately, he didn’t find it again as the sea that day was very rough.


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Act as if you care for city

It is not long ago that I wrote to the Star Letters. The chaos on our roads will continue until Sheffield City Planners start acting as if they care about the city.

They certainly don’t at the moment. They continue to not have adequate off- street parking when houses or flats are built. Where do the cars go? On the streets and pavements, of course, and as the population increases, unless the planners start thinking straight the problem can only get worse.

I agree that more parking wardens could be useful, particularly in the suburbs. They tend to be concentrated in the city centre. Disabled badge holders do need reminding where they can and cannot park. You can often see them on the tram routes, obviously not knowing what a clearway sign means, and they think that no loading at any time doesn’t apply to them.

The picture on the front page of Wednesday’s Star is of Greaves Lane in Stannington, where there is a new development of houses and I bet this development has inadequate off-street parking as well.

And as for the hospitals, enough said.

S Thompson

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Not fit for purpose

May I make a suggestion to Amey and the city council. Get out of your warm office and take a drive along Knowle Lane between Ecclesall Road South and Bents Green.

This road was resurfaced less than two years ago and is a complete and utter disgrace.

Don’t the council and its contractors Amey have a quality control manager to check the quality of workmanship?

From memory, our illustrious member of the city council, Bryan Lodge, promised this road would be repaired before the end of 2017.

Come and check it out , it’s worse than the original condition.

Sheffield City council and their contractors are not fit for purpose.



Calais problem

The Prime Minister is giving Calais £44 million+ to sort out the immigrant problem. What would Rotherham or any other town or city in South Yorkshire do with the same amount and same problem? As far as South Yorkshire is concerned Theresa May is an apt name.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham