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Tim Fallon is claiming that the Lib Dems’ victory in the Richmond Park by-election is an overwhelming vote against Brexit.

Just what are the facts?

Fallon’s party, unashamedly, campaigned on a ‘backdoor’ remain ticket, in an affluent area where, during the referendum, 70 per cent of the voters, almost 70,000, had balloted to remain.

Even so, it appears that the Richmond Park population’s need to stop Brexit, now that they’ve seen the Government’s stance, is so great that only 53 per cent of the electorate bothered to turn out, with less than half the total votes cast going to the Lib Dems.

One might reasonably expect that everyone who wishes to stop Mrs May’s interpretation of Brexit would grasp at this opportunity to protest.

It seems logical therefore to assume that only a paltry 26 per cent of the Richmond electorate now truly wish to remain tied to the EU. Still, with Tim’s enormous respect for democracy, I expect that because more people voted against his party than for it, he will insist on a re-run.