Behaviour of PM made me cringe

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Whether or not you like David Cameron, it is difficult to deny that he is an energetic and hard-working Prime Minister.

Unfortunately, his recent efforts have been devoted to grovelling his way around Europe pleading for support from the unheard-of leaders of insignificant little countries as well as his boss, Angela. That a British Prime Minister should behave in this manner made me cringe.

It is not as though he was seeking a full loaf of bread. He was only asking for a few slices. What did he come back with? Crumbs. But he tells us he’s got a marvellous deal.

Personally, I can think of many reasons to leave the EU. Try as I might, I cannot think of any valid reasons to stay in.

Some of the attempts made to justify staying in are ludicrous. A prime example is the claim that the EU has kept the peace in Europe.

Firstly, no country in Western Europe was likely to have gone to war with another and, if so, NATO would have stopped it.

The only threat to European peace came from the east and I suppose the ‘in crowd’ believe the spectre of Brussels kept the Russian hordes at bay.

It was, of course, NATO and, in particular, the threat of American intercontinental nuclear missiles supported by the French deterrent and our own Trident.

The only “war” taking place in Europe at the moment is a direct consequence of the EU egging on the Ukraine to apply for membership which provoked Russia into action.

The trade argument makes just as little sense. We have a negative trade balance with the EU and it would hurt them more than it would hurt us.

Any tariffs imposed on the UK would surely be reciprocated. In any case, we should be looking for more trade outside the EU instead of thinking like “Little Europeans” and pinning all our hopes on a permanently stagnant economy.

India, for instance, with whom we have very little trade, has a significantly higher population than the EU. English is widely spoken and we have historical and cultural connections.

Our EU membership makes it difficult to trade with India and many other countries.

None of the arguments I’ve seen for staying in stand up to scrutiny.

Another point which troubles me is that the EU can never properly sign off its accounts. If a firm of auditors got into it I suspect it would prove to be more rotten than FIFA.

I think I’ll vote to leave.