Be kind and don’t judge on appearance

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This is not a pleasant letter to write, but I wonder if some parents could give some consideration to the fact that having children is relatively easy.

What is difficult is bringing them up to be kind and considerate of others.

There are a small majority of parents who make life very difficult and unpleasant for people, for example in Endcliffe Park.

They are very nasty to people but take no notice of what problems their children are causing, especially on the new skateboards that have no brakes that the kids are using and which cause a danger and obstruction.

I hasten to add this is minority.

Most parents are lovely and check what their kids are doing.

However, some consider that having children is a passport to behave and speak badly to people.

Children are not an excuse to be selfish and parents ought to be showing them that above all kindness, awareness of others and not immediately judging, are the key qualities that should be engendered.

Far too many assumptions are made by some of today’s parents as they confuse rudeness and selfishness with assertiveness.

They spend a lot of time picking at others when they should be watching what their kids are doing.

Children are not a passport to behave in any way you want and say what you want.

Like all wonderful, and not so wonderful things, they are a choice you have made – and while we tolerate your kids, in return you need to tolerate what we might imperfectly do as well.

We are ALL human.

Some parents’ assumptions are self-righteous and inaccurate.

Appearances are often deceptive and judgements should not be made on surface appearance or surface actions.

That’s lazy and easy.

We can all do that.

The other takes self-control and kindness.

That’s the first thing to your teach children: if you are a parent – don’t judge on appearance and be kind.

And by your actions and words, teach your kids to do the same.

Louise Wilcockson

by email