BBC weather gone awol

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Is it me or has the BBC weather forecast on TV gone completely AWOL?

The Beeb in their infinite wisdom, since the infamous quote, “there’s no hurricane on the way dear”, have hedged their bets with fear alone.

For instance, if there’s a wind/gale heading our way, what do we get? What we get are pictures from the Outer Hebrides where the winds will be over 100mph showing mass damage.

If there’s a breeze in the Channel, it’s a disaster but more recently landslides in Yorkshire, in Todmorden, showed what must be the only place in the north affected by a landslide.

It must cost the BBC a small fortune to seek out these Godforsaken places and put them on our screens, when we are not remotely interested in them.

Just tell us the real story, we’ll deal with it, if I want fiction I’ll watch Sky.

JW Vintin

by email