Bayonet like a butter knife

Conisbrough War Memorial
Conisbrough War Memorial
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I am so glad in my retirement years to see the youth taking an interest in Conisbrough with Poppies at the Castle and with Conisbrough’s War Memorial.

However, I do feel that the soldier and his weaponry should really have been researched properly.

For a Great War, (First World War), soldier, the rifle he holds is wrong, the stock/butt needs sorting for a start, they could bend a proper-shaped butt to the World War 1 303 rifle so that it doesn’t look odd.

The Conisbrough bayonet looks more like a butter spreading knife. Only the modern army has the short version bayonet which looks like a multi-tool.

The WW1 bayonets were very long and intimidating, also the rifle 303 Lee Enfield does not have a curved down stock butt like a musket.

The repair should have been done sympathetically and timeline appropriate, especially as some would be distracted by such inaccuracies.

I am always free to give expert advice to all in my old home town.

I hope that this critique will be accepted constructively.

PS The bayonet as I can remember has been replaced twice since the 60s. I think they gave up on it as a bad job. It’s a shame that vandals have no respect to those who died for their freedom.

Kevin John Pratt

Formerly of Conisbrough

Sunday in Barkers Pool

I usually write something about Remembrance so here are a few thoughts on Sunday in Barkers Pool.

It was freezing but a great turnout and an immaculate rendition of, For There’s Another Country, and a pleasure to see so many old aquaintances and civic leaders of all shades of opinion.

Julie, love, I wasn’t going to mump on about trees but be sympathetic, we both are Wednesdayites and that’s enough to bear at the moment.

Some lads took a photograph with the Union Flag in front of the police van, and a bobby had a quiet word. You may have your views and the Union Flag is something I display myself, but do you realise the number of West Indians, Africans, Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims etc who fought for this country in two World Wars? The British Indian Army of WW2 was the largest volunteer Army in history? What a pleasure to see the photograph of Muslim lads selling poppies in The Star.

The Yorkshire Post talked of thousands attending in Leeds, The Star talked of hundreds, your coverage was a bit low key.

Finally a personal point of view, I must admit to not liking knitted woollen poppies. Still each to their own, lest we forget.

By the way was the City Hall Flag a little weathered, like myself?

Ron Clayton


War poem

Where each poppy did fall does a soldier lay

For each soul now passed we should pause and pray

Though many would be the prayers as each flower was a soul

And at wars end will then list those lost by the call of the roll

Of battle grounds that rise and fall soldiers still rest there so

At peace now with others unknown be they fallen friends or foe

Past ghosts I now walk through those poppies red

I feel them there but nothings is said

Though i sense they do then ask why of me

That no future will their family and lives now see

Friend or foe they were family men and all will bear their scar

As war is hell and a fight for peace is a better way by far

They are at peace their spirits would wish it be said

As to their heavenly light they must then gently tread

So many comrades did walk with them that day

And are such killing fields man’s only way

They came to fight for freedom for others,It’s True!

But alas to win the fight for a peace will now be left to you

Though all may find your history and why now here you lay

And of your battles end you did suffer upon that fateful day

I read all those names and wonder what If of their missing life

If those were not then lost by a time of war and strife

I would know of their passing but know not their face

These heroes side by side that now rest in this peaceful place

Time has not forgotten them by the rows of marble white

As now they onward to a glory they walk to a heavens light

I softly speak the names of those comrades that lay now at your side

And are heard again on earth and will forever with you abide

Though not your home where you were born and by War no longer see

But will regard with honour this place your Country and thus now always be

As I turned to this passing soldier though his light seemed dim

I then realised i was also but a ghost and walk the same path as him



Honouring the result

It is reported that Theresa May has outlined plans to set into legislation the UK’s departure from the European Union in March 2019, and that she will not tolerate any attempts by Parliamentary colleagues to delay or disrupt the process.

How refreshing for a Prime Minister who originally voted to remain in the EU, to have the courage and principle to abide by the majority leave decision of the people and honour the referendum result, unlike some of her MP colleagues of all parties, who while publicly confessing to abide by the people’s wish are intent on sabotaging the process to gratify their own will.

Love her or loathe her she deserves full credit for her honourable stance on this issue, unlike current and past Leaders of Her Majesty’s Opposition!

Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Do I get a tax refund?

Tax dodging or tax avoidance, it is the same. I have paid my taxes on time all my life as well have millions of others.

I object to paying part of Roger the Dodger’s taxes as well. Do I get a refund?

“I am not breaking the law” we are told. The government must change the law but have repeatedly refused to listen to ordinary people.

Eddie Peart

Broom Crescent, Rotherham, S60

Despicable crime time

Carer Diane Clegg gets a suspended sentence after robbing the person she was supposed to be looking after of 20 grand. How can she be walking free after committing such a despicable crime?

Letting these subhuman scum off with no jail time is madness, she should be doing five years at least. If I had defrauded the taxman of 20 grand I bet I would be doing a lengthy stretch now.

Jayne Grayson

by email