Battle of Orgreave

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The Labour party may be calling for an inquiry into the Battle of Orgreave now but they didn’t when they were in power. They had 13 years of government, well after the Miners’ Strike in 1984.

Policing has changed a lot in 30 years but many memories in South Yorkshire are still bitter and a proper inquiry is needed to address this.

The Hillsborough inquiry showed that there was misconduct right through the establishment at the time but the outcome at least brought some answers to people whose lives had been blighted.

As a supporter of the Green Party, I can say Labour is not alone. The Greens’ Natalie Bennett challenged Home Secretary Amber Rudd’s refusal to hold an inquiry last year. And in the council, the Green councillors, together with Labour and LibDems supported a motion to call for an inquiry.

If Labour didn’t act to uncover police corruption from the past, how would they tackle it in the future?

Paul Turpin

Lees Hall Road, S8

The Star calendar

You will need to look at your own 1995 Star calendar... at the upper right of the tram waiting area are two figures. The one in the blue vest and white pants is me, when I was a PhD student at Sheffield University, (1993-1998), studying archaeology. The person next to me is my best mate Stewart Roddis, who was from Biggins-by-Hartington.

I still have that calendar, which was given to me by a neighbour when I lived in High Wincobank. As I remember, I bought about a dozen more to give out to my friends here in America.

Dr Scott Crull, PN, PT, MA, PhD, RPA

Semi-Retired Archaeologist & Anthropologist, Woodland, California

That’s already being done

Thank you for your reply regarding my letter that I wrote, in response to your letter that you wrote, regarding the Grand National, EB Warris. ( deep breath and relax ). I thought it very nice of you to actually ‘agree’ somewhat to my concerns about the use of the whip.

But may I ask why, in tonight’s Star, (April 27), you have decided to say that my letters are purely critical, along with letters from Justyn T?

May I just point out, that unlike a few others, you included, my letters don’t appear nightly, as I only write when I am annoyed, upset, or want to make a point. I have in the past, wrote letters praising things, but obviously they haven’t been noted.

I once made a point that Jayne Grayson should have her own column, but perhaps you’re right EB Warris, Justyn and myself would probably make a fantastic double act, criticising, and stating the obvious, writing about utter drivel, and completely slating the government and other political parties.

Oh hang on... that’s already being done by the ‘nightly’ letter writers on the ‘Letters Page’ , like yourself!

Twisted Nerve

by email

It’s beyond a joke

It’s now getting beyond a joke, as another would be politician bites the dust after being accused of anti-Semitism.

Ex-Lib Dems MP, David Ward, is sacked as an election candidate by Tim Farron. His crime, in 2013, was accusing “the Jews” of atrocities against the Palestinians which happens to be true. A bit like an old soldier accusing “the Jews” of atrocities against the British by killing them in Palestine in the 1940s post war area, which was also true.

When will someone stand up and tell us “free speech” and the truth is NOT allowed when it involves “the Jews”. Have I just become anti-Semitic for telling the truth as I see it? The Palestinian’ are also causing atrocities against “the Jews”. Does that mean I or anyone else saying this is anti-Palestinian? Who’s running this sorry state of a country of ours?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Misusing NHS funds

Dear MP Louise Haigh, The Darnall Primary Care centre closed today four hours 32 minutes early, (at 12.27pm).

If you search on NHS choices you will see that the publicly displayed information states that they close, (every), Thursday, at 5pm and not 12.27.

What is your opinion on this discrepancy in a service paid for by taxpayers, many of whom have the right to vote?

Dr Chris Bronsdon

MRCGP, GMC number 4011758

Ditch the BMW car

The police are overstretched and we are always being warned of more cutbacks with fewer police out there catching the criminals.

I was just wondering how much the 66 plate undercover BMW is costing us tax-payers.

Yes, I get the police cannot do their work in a battered old van, but does it really have to be this fancy car. Ditch the car, get something cheaper and maybe the rest can go towards paying a officer’s salary.

Jayne Grayson

by email

The call for an enquiry

Re: RG, Sheffield, (April 27), Jeremy Corbyn is correct to call for an enquiry into Orgreave and it is nothing to do with vote grabbing. The Tories are deliberately preventing an enquiry because they are hiding a lot of evidence.

Margaret Thatcher sent 6,000 police officers from the South, including the Met, to battle with striking miners who were staging a peaceful protest against pit closures. The minority of troublemakers were non-miners. Police officers goaded striking pit workers by flashing £20 notes before using excessive force.

An enquiry into the Battle of Orgreave will reveal the truth of what happened on June 18, 1984. It will also mean the Hillsborough disaster inquiry will be complete and could even uncover the corruption in the Metropolitan Police Force over the racist murder of Stephen Lawrence in 1993.



Dronfield, Derbyshire

On a recent sojourn to the Derbyshire town of Dronfield I was pleasantly surprised at the facilities they have such as the Civic centre, the splendid council offices, and even a lending library, but one cannot think why the people of Dronfield opted to stay in Derbyshire when they had the chance to be a South Yorkshire town.

I feel they would have bettered their standard of living, although the natives seem happy with their lot.

EB Warris

by email