Battle of Britain

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A poem and photo to the battle of Britain.

I fly away my mission is clear

As now above the clouds my plane I steer

I must leave behind all thoughts of home

As to foreign skies I now must roam

The enemy awaits and I outsmart him must

My armour is strong and in it will trust

To fly higher is my aim to claim the sky

To sight the enemy I then will try

A flight of wings I then see below

And my courage and metle I now must show

From out of the sun I dive to this enemy in my sight

And hope this foe will my cannons smite

He banks to the left and right to gain some height

For if he does not he will lose this fight

But my battle is won with my bursts of fire

Now my enemies plane is a funeral pyre

To survive then myself is all I can

For I dare not see him to be family man

If I would see him so then my fate would be sealed

And dark planes above would to me then weild

So return then I must to await again the scramble bell

But will I return home again I cannot tell

Robin Gissing

Jaunty Road, Sheffield, S12