Bargain or not?

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I recently went to B&Q on Queens Road with the intention of purchasing some fence paint.

On one shelf there were 9 litre tubs of Ronseal fence paint priced at £12.70.

On the next shelf there were tubs of Ronseal fence paint clearly marked “Get 12 litres for the price of 9 litres.

These were marked at £16, so logic says that they too should have been £12.70 or you would be paying for the “free” 3 litres.

I asked a member of staff to explain the discrepancy but she couldn’t.

I then asked to see the manager who informed me that pricing was set by Ronseal themselves.

I left without making a purchase.

On reaching home I phoned Ronseal who said that pricing was down to individual stores.

I also phoned B&Q head office who couldn’t cast any light on the matter. I wonder how many people have paid the higher price without realising.

Alan Parkin

Sheffield, S2