Ban on importing foie gras to Britain

Their liver swells to 10 times its natural size.
Their liver swells to 10 times its natural size.
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As Brexit negotiations get under way, I would like to appeal to your readers to support Animal Equality’s campaign calling for a ban on importing foie gras to the UK.

This ‘delicacy’ made from the fatty livers of ducks or geese is illegal to produce here under the Animal Welfare Act, yet nearly 200 tonnes of it is imported every year for sale at restaurants, delis and shops including British institutions Harrods and Fortnum & Mason.

Birds on foie gras farms are brutally fattened up using a feeding tube that is violently forced down their throats several times a day.

Their liver swells to 10 times its natural size.

This process, called “gavage”, causes extreme and prolonged suffering.

Animal Equality’s investigations in French and Spanish foie gras farms have revealed birds suffering from untreated injuries, dead birds left in their cages with the living, conditions that prevent any natural behaviour and animals in constant and extreme pain.

The UK’s departure from the European Union, and associated freedom to change trade regulations, provides a unique opportunity for us to ban the import of this cruel product.

Products that are too cruel to produce here should not be sold here.

Your readers can join me and Animal Equality in calling for a foie gras-free Britain by signing the petition at

Peter Egan, Actor

c/o Animal Equality