Bald-ly performing a Tenacious tribute...

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HERE’S six Sheffield musicians hoping they are the pick of destiny – they’ve formed what they reckon is England’s first Tenacious D tribute band.

Best mates Ryan Wilson and Craig West will dress up as Hollywood duo Jack Black and Kyle Gass.

And pals will perform as the various historical figures – Abraham Lincoln, John Wayne, Mahatma Gandhi and Colonel Sanders – who are often mocked-up on stage by the real Tenacious D.

“Me and Ryan are in a soul funk band called Highway Child,” says guitar teacher Craig, 29. “We do corporate gigs mainly so this is us letting off steam.”

Letting off steam but putting on weight, it seems.

The pair who live in Monteney Road, Ecclesfield, are both typically skinny musicians – so they’ve had to buy reams of stuffing to match the more rotund shape of the real Jack and Kyle. Plus Craig will be wearing a bald cap.

“We look ridiculous but it’s a good laugh,” says Ryan, a 31-year-old IT worker.

Mates Richard Firman, John Slater, Aubrey Robinson and Steve Kay make up the group – named simply Tribute. Their first (“perhaps only,” laughs Craig) gig will take place at Sheffield’s West Street Live on May 22. Free.