Back to the good old days

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Many people thought the good old days could never return, even more they wouldn’t believe Labour and Lib Dems could join forces to achieve what we believe was a great old public favourite, but we have at Greenhill and Graves Park.

Remember the days when it was November and you went to your local park to a bonfire /firework display free, all paid for by the council?

Well on Friday, November 4, at the Transport Ground we will have achieved it, with local ward pot money from Graves and Greenhill, thanks to the local Lib Dems and money from Louise Haigh, our local MP.

We, the Greenhill, Batemoor and Jordanthorpe Taras, Farrars Funfairs and Ewe Move and of course the Transport Ground, contacted them and they match-funded the whole idea.

We can now offer for the first time pyrotechnic fireworks, free face painting for the kids, Punch and Judy and a whole lot more with free entry.

Even The Star will be there.

So remember, remember the Meadowhead bonfire on Friday, November 4 at the Transport Ground at Meadowhead.

It proves that if we work together we can get things done.

What’s next? I don’t know, but its a start.


Secretary of Greenhill and Bradway Tara