Av you or your mate seen this guitar?

Avida Dollars lost guitar poster
Avida Dollars lost guitar poster
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AS wanted posters go, it’s perhaps a little different to your average police design.

But Sheffield’s rock n roll community are hoping this, um, unorthodox bill will help solve a most dastardly deed.

Avida Dollars with Joseph Armstrong front

Avida Dollars with Joseph Armstrong front

Joseph Armstrong, guitarist with Sheffield punkers Avida Dollars, was devastated when his instrument – a proper sweet £600 Hutchins – was swiped from The Harley after the band played the Glossop Road venue on New Year’s Eve.

But friends and fans have turned vigilante to crack the crime – with this poster they produced going viral online.

Hundreds of people from across the UK have viewed it with dozens sending support messages to Joseph.

“The guitar has emotional value so it’s been gutting,” says the 24-year-old of London Road. “But it’s been weird – I’ve had people I don’t even know getting in touch. Good for the band, maybe.”

Perhaps it’s the poster’s simple, yet somehow universal, message they like.

“Is yr mate a knob?” it asks. “Do they have this guitar all of a sudden?”

Well... if he is and he does, do get in touch with the group online.

“I’d appreciate it,” says Joseph.