ASIDELINES: Super Jarvis for Supertram...

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A READER copies in your diarist to an email telling transport officials he feels marginalised by the city’s Supertram.

Does he feel the network should be extended? Should it run later? Are yesterday’s fare hikes too much?

None of the above. Rather it seems the automated announcer is causing the consternation.

“We would suggest the tram announcements are changed to the comforting voice of Jarvis Cocker,” our correspondent writes.

“Allow yourself to imagine riding to Shalesmoor and, instead of the current dismal intonation, you are greeted by the warm dulcet tones of one of Sheffield’s most celebrated.”

It gets a thumbs up here.

As yet, though, no reply from Stagecoach. Strange that.

Champion chair

SWEET seat, feel free to park up there.

This feature - part bench, part art installation by local lad Darren Richardson - has been placed in Sheffield’s Winter Garden as part of the city’s Galvanize metal festival.

Holy mortality!

WHICHEVER way you weigh it up, carrying your own coffin in case you pop your clogs is a tad morbid.

But it also helped Holy Roman Emperor Maximilian I, who did just that, create some decent old art - which you can now see at Sheffield’s Graves Gallery.

His obsession with his own mortality led him to commission miniature paintings recording his achievements. The prints are on show now.