ASIDELINES: Steel women are big screen stars

Christine Bellamy
Christine Bellamy
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THE Oscars might be the talk of Los Angeles this week but here in Sheffield the red carpet is to be laid out for some superstars who are very different to the Hollywood elite.

A film made more than 25 years ago about the city’s women of steel – the homeland heroes who made the weapons that won World War Two – is to be shown on the big screen for the first time.

And among the guests being given star-treatment will be some of those who worked in the factories.

The documentary, called simply Women Of Steel and featuring archive footage and interviews, was never given a general release when it was made in 1984.

Now, after discovering the film, Sheffield author Neil Anderson has put it on DVD and is holding the premier to launch it.

“It’s great the film is finally getting the recognition it deserves,” says Christine Bellamy, pictured, who was part of the Sheffield Film Co-operative behind the 40 minute feature.

“It is easy to forget what incredible sacrifices these women made and it’s good to know our work to give them recognition is now going to be seen by a wider audience.”

An appeal to find the women interviewed in the film has been unsuccessful, although some relatives have come forward.

Screening takes place at Atkinsons, the Moor department store destroyed during the Blitz, on Monday, March 28, at 3pm.

To attend call 0845 603 6421.