Asidelines Rony rumour is just a boob (tube)

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WE hear Rupert Laylor has been doing the rounds at Radio Sheffield.

WE hear Rupert Laylor has been doing the rounds at Radio Sheffield.

He’s the organiser of next week’s cross-dressers club night which is set to see more than 100 transvestites descend on Sheffield city centre bar Dempseys.

Rupert, AKA Vixen Mynx, has been promoting the evening with various on-air interviews. Rumours, however, that Rony Robinson might turn up in mini skirt and boob tube have just been made up by me.

FROM one South Yorkshire legend to another and could a backlash against Howard Webb be on the (yellow) cards?

He’s certainly not shied away from press or public appearances since last summer’s world cup.

But, as one bloke in a Sheffield pub was heard saying this week while perusing yet another article about him, “He only refereed the final, he wasn’t the winning captain”.

His pal’s response? “Have some respect – that’s Howard Webb you’re talking about”.

Perhaps that backlash isn’t on quite yet, then.

THE Sheffield Hurricane of 1873 was certainly no laughing matter - but the way it was reported perhaps is.

New research by Ven Crane - aye, that’s her what’s doing the Sudden Death Tour - shows the colourful prose employed by the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent to describe the event.

The tempest, said the on-duty hack, was “sacrilegious in its fury”, that glass from smashed windows was sent on a “gymnastics tour of the sky” and there was “quite a slaughter among the greenhouses”.

They don’t let us write ’em like that any more. More’s the pity.

Ven’s full article is in Undertakings, the Sheffield General Cemetery Trust newsletter.

DID you see the Morris dancing festival here in Sheffield at the weekend?

Performers came from across the country and – something I never thought I’d hear myself saying about this particular English tradition – were utterly incredible.

Come back soon, bearded men.