ASIDELINES: Ping pong and politicians at EIS

Paul Drinkhall  taking on Cllr Roger Davison.
Paul Drinkhall taking on Cllr Roger Davison.
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ONE is a Britain’s number one table tennis player, the other hasn’t hit a ping pong ball since he was a lad knocking one about his mother’s table.

So it’s no surprises Paul Drinkhall, the Olympic hopeful currently based in Rotherham, decided to take it easy on shirt-and-tie wearing Sheffield City Councillor Roger Davison.

The pair, pictured, came together at the English Institute Of Sport to mark 500 days until the London 2012 Olympics kicks off.

“I’m used to political rallies but Paul is something else,” said Coun Davison.”

And did Paul rate the Liberal Democrat member’s strokes? “He had some nice shots,” said the 21-year-old diplomatically.

Tongue fest a big success

FINNISH, Tibetan, Swahili and Ndebele?

It seems this rather random selection of languages are the most popular global tongues with the good folk of Sheffield. Talks on all four were sold out during the weekend’s International Language Festival at Sheffield University.

Just one question: Ndebele? Come again?

“It’s spoke in some parts of South Africa,” says organiser Max Marzec. “You have to make a clicking noise when you speak so it’s a bit different.”

About 800 people attended the inaugural fest.