Asidelines: Friends flood back for Steve

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FORGET Facebook or Friends Reunited - it seems if you want to get in touch with people from your past writing a book is the way forward.

Since publishing his Parson Cross memoirs, Sheffield author Steve Bush says he’s been inundated with emails, calls and letters from old friends.

An elderly lady who used to live next door wrote out of the blue, while a girl who actually stayed with his family traced his number and rang.

Indeed, the response has been so positive, the 55-year-old of Paxton Court, Gleadless, is now thinking about writing a second tome - about his time in the army.

“Believe me,” he says, “I’ve got some tales from those days - as long as I can publish them without being arrested.”

Looking forward to reading it already, Steve.

WELL, thank the Lord, that’s over.

All the debate, the endless conversations, the newspaper articles, the flag-waving, the soul searching, the media coverage, the would-they-wouldn’t-they even though we all knew they would.

Yup, now Sheffield United are finally relegated, can we all move on with our lives?

And talking of local legends (which, actually, we weren’t) great to see Dave Berry back performing this weekend with the Silver Sixties Show.

The Dronfield superstar’s answer to a colleague’s question some time back still makes me laugh to this day.

What’s changed about the music scene since the 1960s our intrepid reporter inquired?

“The hotels are better,” was Dave’s reply. “You can get a meal anytime of the day or night these days.”