ASIDELINES: Did lodge once look like this?

Sheffield Manor Lodge.
Sheffield Manor Lodge.
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MORE Manor Lodge news - you can never have enough - and an open day of talks discussing the archaeology of the site is to be held by the University of Sheffield.

Experts and the enthusiastic interested will debate whether the Saxon mansion ever looked like this.

The conference day will be followed by a wine reception and a short dramatisation by the Friends of Sheffield Manor Lodge.

Takes place Saturday March 26, 9.15am - 6pm, at the Humanities Research Institute, in Gell Street.

Off their chops

AND more university news - of a sorts.

If you’ve got a beard that needs getting rid of, the student’s union is the place to be next week - free shaves are being dished out there to anyone in need of one.

Wilkinson Sword barbers will be taking off soup strainers and mutton chops as well as giving away free blades, balm, and gel as part of a promotional tour.

It certainly beats the advertising campaign currently being carried out by Gillette.

“No more blades” a huge billboard says in Corporation Street.

Doubtless Micky Adams doesn’t agree with the sentiment.

The shave day takes place Friday, February 11, 10am - 5pm at the student’s union, in Glossop Road.