ASIDELINES: Arty celebrations mark 20 years

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IT claims to have show-cased more than 10,000 artists since it opened in 1991 - now to celebrate its 20th anniversary Cupola gallery, in Middlewood Road, Hillsborough, will invite six favourites back.

Painters Derek McQueen, Lyn Hodnett and Paul Evans, sculptor Robin Widdowson, multidisciplinary artist Shaeron Caton Rose and ceramicist Hanne Westergaard will showcase new and old work to mark their long relationship with owner Karen Sherwood.

Runs from Friday to Sunday March 27.

Date South Yorks

IT’S called Take Me Out but there’s so many of our region’s singletons appearing it should perhaps be labelled Take Me Out Of South Yorkshire.

The ITV1 dating show has already seen Ecclesall musician Richie Dews find love, super hot Sheffield University student Peggy Lawrence get turned down and Donny fitness instructor Sonia Smith make an appearance.

Now this Saturday, Sheffield city centre lad Tez Brown, 28, will be talking about a date he won with southerner Kayleigh.

And there’s more South Yorkshire lasses to come in future weeks.

Fingers crossed they look like Peggy.