Arrogance of Coun Otten

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Coun Joe Otten appears unable to accept the result of the recent EU referendum yet readily accepted the democratically arrived at result when he tabled a motion requesting the council support the Remain campaign which was ultimately passed.

On June 23, the wider public were given their voice, yet Joe is determined, not only helping organise the Sheffield Together rally but calling for a campaign to ‘undo the mistake’.

What arrogance! As he is a member of Stronger in Europe, which includes many ex-MPs having voted for the invasion of Iraq and drastically under-estimated the number of immigrants set to come into Britain from new EU member states, I suggest he questions his judgement.

Despite admitting the EU needs reform, Joe obviously supports Lib Dem leader Tim Farron, who pledges to work to reverse the referendum result if they gain power.

Well, the referendum was about the EU we have today which has chillingly been described by some as a ‘sinking ship’ and ‘not fit for purpose’, so should we have gambled on the possibility of change when it was recently declared that they ‘should change nothing’?

Representing the affluent Dore and Totley area, Joe might be excused for not recognising that some areas have been plagued with problems created by EU policies but maybe the fact that 80 per cent in Ecclesall voted Remain while 70 per cent in North East Sheffield voted Leave, might just be a pointer.

Rajin Chowdhury works in the NHS, so I am surprised he supports Remain. Is he not concerned about the implications for the organisation should we remain in the EU and become subject to TTIP?

Equally, I find the appearance of Logan Robin, Green Party, at the event interesting. Is he not aware that moving the EU Parliament between Brussels and Strasbourg every four weeks is said to generate around 20,000 tonnes of CO2 yearly?

The extortionate cost is another matter but will things change? I doubt it.

France flatly refuses to allow it because of the money it brings to their area and even threatens legal action if the Assembly takes matters into its own hands.

Sorry, Joe, maybe the perceived necessary changes should have been made before the referendum but I suspect they would never have materialised.

Perhaps you have more faith than the 17.5 million people who you believe have made the wrong decision.

Neither racial intolerance nor hatred played any part in my decision to vote Leave.My decision was a result of months of studying the facts and nothing more.

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, Sheffield 5