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I was surprised to read your recent giant front page headline ‘Sheffield Community hits back over ‘one of country’s most anti-social estates’label’’and your report on Parson Cross based on facts produced by Hopewiser which concentrated purely on crimes committed ‘on or near Buchanan Drive’.

I was concerned by your claim that criminal damage, violent attacks and theft form the bulk of offences.

Having read the actual report by Hopewiser, I note it makes no mention of Parson Cross being ‘one of the country’s most anti-social ESTATES’. Rather, it specifically states that although there were a large number of reports of PETTY anti-social behaviour there were only 10 other crimes committed around the Buchanan Drive area over the six-month period. This is merely ‘reported’ crime and within this area of Parson Cross there is an academy, a supermarket and a row of shops to which people travel from far and wide and without names and addresses it’s hard to know whether the perpetrators live within this vicinity or are merely passing through.

The Star states that there have been 28 arson attacks this year in the wider Parson Cross, Firth Park and Southey, (a massive area possibly the size of a small town), but below are the crime figures, drawn from the official Police UK website, for ‘Buchanan Drive or near’ to which the Hopewiser site refers.

January 2017 all crime 35 = 32 anti-social behaviour. 2 criminal damage and arson. 1 violence and sexual offences.

December 2016 all crime 27 = 26 anti-social behaviour. 1 criminal damage and arson.

November 2016 all crime 13 = 13 anti-social behaviour

October 2016 all crime 28 = 26 anti-social behaviour 2 criminal damage and arson

September 2016 all crime 31 = 30 anti-social behaviour 1 bicycle theft.

August 2016 all crime 21 = 19 anti-social behaviour 2 violence and sexual offences.

Anti-social behaviour can range from a simple troublesome incident to something really distressing and there is no doubt action is needed but the dramatic headlines have prompted a barrage of insults from those taking the report at face value and I suspect, has done little for those having recently bought new houses on or near Buchanan Drive or even in the wider area of Parson Cross.

Mary Steele

Deerlands Avenue, Parson Cross, Sheffield 5

What’s wrong?

What is it with Sheffield City Council?

It seems like they go out of their way to rub people up the wrong way.

Do they honestly think they will get another term of office with the way they treat people,or should I say ignore?

They stubbornly refuse to believe that there is a problem in Page Hall and the Firth Park areas when everyone who lives in the area knows there is. There is obviously no liaison with Amey with the Streets Ahead programme.

Then there is the problems that the Sheffield Eagles face.

Mark Aston has put his heart and soul into trying to keep our rugby league heritage going despite having hurdle after hurdle put in front of him.

They only have this season to put in place their intentions as to where their home ground will be in Sheffield, otherwise the club will fold.

They have the financial backing in place but are waiting for the go-ahead from the council. Just what is the hold-up?

Now the latest thing is regarding their housing policy. They sweet talk elderly people to leave their homes, downsize and move into flats for the over 60s.

There’s nothing wrong with living in a place where you’re with people your own age? That is until the council open the flats to ‘any age’.

Then when people rise up against the decision, they are told they have no rights to object.

Talk about shooting yourselves in the foot?

Ted Fowler

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We are so fortunate

Just what kind of person is Jayne Grayson?

She says she has only one child so she should have plenty of room in her home to take at least one person in off the streets.

Of course, she would have to have a heart instead of a swinging brick.

These people are human beings and if they had a warm bed to sleep in and enough to live on and a job to go to, they wouldn’t be on the streets in the first place.

We are so very fortunate to live in this wonderful city of Sheffield.

I am 80 years old and disabled so, unfortunately, I am unable to help these poor immigrants and homeless except by donations. It isn’t easy for me but I do my best.

I would like to add that I admire Susan Richardson and I’m very pleased that she is writing to the letters page, and Ron Clayton too and the other regular writers.

Name & address supplied

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Bring in local income tax

The current crisis in social care funding in Sheffield needs urgent attention.

The council could help by reducing the pay of its top earners and introducing a means test for councillors’ allowances based on income in order to provide extra funding for social care in the city.

It is also worth nothing that the £262,000 per year allocated for volunteer libraries after original plans to have them self-sufficient by 2016 failed and could have instead been spent on social care.

On a national level, the government should bring in a local income tax to replace the outdated system of council tax to help fund local services like social care and libraries.

Martin Vaughan


Tickled pink by mystery

I enjoyed the mystery of the polar bears at South Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Due to a large donation of salmon they had all turned pink. You had me hooked.

I even thought no more salmon for me, I’m pink enough.

Well done. We all need more laughs and not only on April 1.

Pauline Robinson

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It’s gone on long enough

As you may gather I am not the world’s most compassionate man.

We are sill being bombarded with constant appeals for donations for Africa. I’m almost 70 and these appeals have now gone on for as long as I can remember.

Isn’t it time that these countries started growing food to feed their own people instead of growing coffee for export?

Britain must have contributed billions over the last 40 years. It’s about time Africa took stock and made better decisions about what grow and where to sell it.

John Vintin

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I wouldn’t mind some

Sheffield Wednesday boss Carlos Carvalhal compares his ‘stars’ with Barcelona’s stars.

I wouldn’t mind a glass of what he’s been drinking.