Another bodge job

Pot holes and uneven roads
Pot holes and uneven roads
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Has anybody else seen the mess that our concerned council has made of Fulwood Road?

When you drive along this road it’s like driving on a cart track.

Just past the junction of Woodvale Road going towards Broomhill there was a very loose manhole cover. When you drove over it the noise was horrendous to the point where it could wake the dead.

I have a friend who lives on this road and he is amazed that it hasn’t caused a serious accident due to the depth and size of the hole.

So what do our illustrious council do? Drop two shovel fulls of Tarmac into it and guess what it’s starting to crumble already.

Why didn’t they get a team of workers out over night and do the job properly?

This is a very busy road all the time so why didn’t they do it last week when it was half term?