Am I past my sell-by date?

Coun Peter Price
Coun Peter Price
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It is always interesting to see that when political opponents cannot answer points made, they turn to abuse and often do it anonymously.

Well ‘LS Sheffield’, is no exception, as was shown in last week’s letter to the Star. When I said I was proud of Labour’s record in this City, I was accused of being “an old man long past his sell-by date”.

Well LS, (whoever he or she is), I might be getting on a bit, but I can assure you that I have not lost any of my energy or enthusiasm in continuing, fighting and working for this City and for the people of Shiregreen and Brightside who elected me. I am proud of Labour’s record in Sheffield and not just dwelling on “glories long past”.

I am proud, that in spite of major Government cutbacks we still have managed over the past five years to achieve so much in my Ward for the residents of Shiregreen/Brightside.

Shiregreen became the first estate in the city to have all the street lights replaced, the roads and pavements relaid, all the grass verges renewed and protected and those trees, the roots of which had destroyed our pavements, replaced. Indeed the Shiregeen estate is not “a shadow of its former glory” but is looking better than it has done for years.

Concord Sports Centre had £700,000 invested in it just two years ago becoming a National Centre for Sport and Exercise and Medicine plus a new multi-games area in the park for our children.

The wonderful Wincobank Village Hall opened last year after £350,000 investment. Wincobank has also had all its highways and street lighting replaced with many trees and wonderful spring bulbs planted. Also the Brightside Grimesthorpe area of my ward has had similar work done.

Together with my two colleages Dawn Dale and Garry Weatherall I have taken part in many litter picks around the estates. Perhaps LC might care to join us, instead of just complaining.

Just to correct the misinformation repeated by LS, there was no decades of debt from the World Student Games, the cost of the Games were settled in 1992.

I am still very proud of our investment in all those wonderful Sporting and cultural facilities that have transformed our city, along with the Heart of the City project, the superb Peace Gardens, and Winter Garden etc. But of course it hasn’t stopped there. The Moor rebuilding and the new Retail Quarter are all part of regeneration.

Finally on a personal note LS, just to finish, I may be an “old man” as you say, but just to let you know that over the past 15 years I have taken on several major cycle challenges all around the World and all over 300 miles each, raising over £100,000 for charity.

Last year I cycled up Jenkin Hill as part of the big Wincobank Community Festival. Not bad for someone who is “past his sell-by date” Eh?

Coun Peter Price MBE

by email

Vulnerable victim

After reading the article in Thursday’s Star about Ferdos Rabani, who was jailed for drugging and raping a vulnerable young lady, I would like to know in which way she was vulnerable. A police officer was quoted as saying, ‘Rabani could clearly see that the victim was vulnerable’.

I am concerned about this as I have a daughter with learning difficulties who has been ‘travel-trained’ and encouraged to travel independently throughout the city. She is highly vulnerable as, even with lessons on ‘stranger danger’ and ‘appropriate behaviour’, she would still talk familiarly with strangers and would not need much encouragement to go with somebody.

It seems the way forward now that young people with learning difficulties are encouraged to become more independent, which I know in a lot of cases is a good thing, but I can not help but wonder if the money the council is saving from this overrides everything else.

Concerned Parent


Enough is enough

I am tired of reading that the Sheffield City Council blame the Government for all the cuts it is having to make.

For years this City of Sanctuary has invited thousands of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, giving them free housing and anything else they needed, without asking them to contribute anything to the system.

The public have for years been telling the council enough is enough and to drop the City of Sanctuary title, but as usual they have not listened.

Now we are all having to put up with cuts to essential services ie. children’s centres and homes for the elderly, including dementia specialist homes.

But the council can still find money for new refugees, finding them homes and providing them with benefits, besides clothing and smart phones. I know the government give the council money for taking them in, but it is only a one-off payment.

Now they are asking the government for more money to maintain them as they are struggling to balance the books.

This council have brought everything on themselves, but it’s the public that are on the receiving end of all the cuts to services.

Retired taxpayer


Lady of principle

Jeremy Corbyn says, if he gets into power, he’ll improve the NHS and schools. In fact he will cause the exact opposite.

He won’t even try to curb immigration and so-called refugees coming in. In fact he’ll welcome them, so the situation will get worse.

Beware what you vote for.

A Labour voter all my life, at 89 years of age, I am voting Conservative for the first time.

Let’s get rid of the EU, then sort everything out later.

Good luck Theresa May, you are a lady of principle.



Getting together

Maybe the two whipping boys Justyn T and Twisted Nerve should get together, they would make a great duo, and might even produce a well written letter, instead of criticising others, but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

EB Warris

by email

Orgreave enquiry

Jeremy Corbyn’s call for an enquiry into Orgreave is a cynical vote grabber.

He will say anything to voters, promise them everything and deliver nothing. The comment in The Star stated “campaigners have been fighting for a fresh look into what happens on the day 6,000 police officers tried to stop miners from blocking deliveries at the coking plant” when in fact it was 6,000 police officers that were trying to stop 10,000 miners from trying to stop deliveries to the plant.

This was mob rule and Scargill and company should be prosecuted.

If the police in any way broke the law in any cover-ups or how they conducted themselves they too should face prosecution. If they do have an enquiry both sides should bear the consequences. I am not sure how else the police could have dealt with 10000 angry miners that day.