All this running water makes me want to go

Sheffield Train Station. Picture: Andrew Roe
Sheffield Train Station. Picture: Andrew Roe
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Friday’s star was pretty depressing! Not only was there the usual crime reports that seem to be getting more and more frequent and violent, as the numbers of police officers are cut, but the news that the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills are planning to up sticks back to the big smoke is a real kick in the teeth to a city trying to make its way out of a depression.

Then there was the ludicrous story of a young man who found it cheaper to take a plane and travel via Berlin to get to Essex from Sheffield than take a train – proof positive that our railway system is ripping us off on a daily basis.

Then on the Letters page someone had a blast at Gleadless Valley.

I would like to say he should not assume all the residents share his view.

Sure, it’s a quagmire at the moment with rubbish blowing about, but that has a lot to do with the foul weather we’ve had thanks to the storms, this winter.

He is right to say that the majority of people love their upgraded homes and take pride in them but there will always be those who bring the neighbourhood down and that’s not just true of Gleadless Valley.

Streets all over the city are suffering from littering and dog fouling and until the council prioritise some cash to tighten up the by-laws and address those issues it’s likely to continue.

At least in the valley they can look forward to the spring when the trees will grow lush and green again, while in other places they seem to be losing theirs.

The article that put the tin hat on a dire day was one about the Moor’s retail quarter. The artist’s impression showed lots of concrete blocks and yet another water feature, and what our already soggy city does not need is another one of those.

Once upon a time we had flower beds, around fountains, in traffic islands, pedestrian precincts and in the Peace Gardens.

We even had hanging displays from street lights and giant topiary statues of steel workers outside the town hall!

Now what do we have? Water. Water flowing over globes, through conduits, in waterfalls and fountains and in fact anywhere we can have water we have got it.

All this running water makes me want to go, (if you get my drift), but the water we really need, (as in a WC), is sadly lacking.

Please, please can they make our green city also a floral city once again?

Anne Johnson

Waving, not drowning, yet!