All I wrote about life in the Valley is true

Gleadless Valley
Gleadless Valley
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I feel I must reply to Anne Johnsons letter, (Tuesday, February 2), where she accuses me of “having a bash at Gleadless Valley”. I live on this estate and everything in my letter is true.

The high winds did spread the litter and rubbish everywhere but this rubbish is put outside the doors of tenants because they are just to idle to put it in the bin provided or down the communal chute.

I quote: “There will always be those who bring the neighbourhood down and that’s not true of Gleadless Valley.”

Well where I live it’s perfectly true and just how can spring solve dog fouling? All that does is hide these unwelcome deposits from the unwary, getting it on shoes and on children’s clothing.

“People should not assume all the residents share his view”, but they do Anne. Everyone I saw told me my comments were spot on.

I ask Anne to take a walk down the bottom end of the Valley, Spring Close, Fleury, Spotswood, Middle Hay and others to see for herself how bad it’s got.

Look at the number of windows with scruffy bed sheets and blankets up as curtains, what a sight.

But I must press the point, not everybody contributes to the Valley’s demise, there are still quite a lot of people around that are a credit to the area but it’s the idiots that are moving here that are destroying the estate.

Anne, I’m in complete agreement over the toilets, a city as big as Sheffield and no public toilets, what a disgrace, there are toilets in certain stores but public toilets should be made available to all and sundry.

As for flowers in the town, they did undoubtedly, brighten the city but they were removed to save money?

It doesn’t cost much to grow plants from collected seed.

Vin Malone

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