All hands on deck for hire company

Comfy seat: A deck chair in use
Comfy seat: A deck chair in use
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IT’S a city about as far from the seaside as you can get but that doesn’t mean this Sheffield venture isn’t destined to coast along just fine.

A new deckchair hire service has been opened here in land-locked South Yorkshire - and bosses say business is already looking sunny.

Scott Barton and Jill Phillips, the couple behind city firm Yellow Bus Events, set up the venture after finding themselves unable to hire the folding summer seats for a Northampton beach party they were organising.

“So, we decided to buy 100 and hire them out afterwards,” says Scott whose company, based in Burton Street, Hillsborough, runs Sheffield’s annual Fright Night and After Dark extravaganzas. “We figured if we were having the problem other event organisers probably were too.”

And it seems it was a touch of genius with the chairs already been booked out for 20 separate events - including festivals, corporate parties and weddings - for 2012.

“There was an opportunity there and we weren’t going to let geography stand in the way,” notes Scott.