Advocate of destruction?

Women of Steel  by John Gorman
Women of Steel by John Gorman
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Julie Dore appears to advocate destroying anything regarding the heritage of this city.

She and the council have over many years destroyed its historical sites, especially its industrial sites, and she and the council made an utter mess of the Women Steel roll of honour list and still not rectified it.

The tree fiasco is yet another debacle with no regard for Sheffield or Sheffield opinion. For the council to say the majority of Sheffield public are in favour of the tree felling is nonsense. Tell all her councillors to resign and seek re-electon on the tree issue and we will see if what she says is true. Good luck to Michael Gove but he is wasting his time unless he imposes it on them.



Villages on the 57 route

Recently I heard that the bus route number 57 from Sheffield to the Stocksbridge area may be cut at “off peak” hours from every half-hour to an hourly one!

Since the “abolition” of bus leaflets which gave out information on routes, times, etc., it is hoped that if any alterations do take place then in this particular situation an exception to the rule could be made and have one printed! Otherwise, the situation could become really bewildering to bus commuters on this route.

Communication in recent times to bus users has been pathetic in this city! However, no doubt somebody somewhere will suggest that they go into their computer system to suss out the bus times, but the point is, not everyone is on the system, so it could entail them being left standing at bus stops for long periods at a time - stranded as it were! Elderly people who shop in Hillsborough and rely on the 57 bus a lot would be hard hit. Especially those who live in the villages on the 57 route.

B Wilkinson


Keep an eye on the ball

You have received many letters highlighting that parts of Sheffield City Council’s PFI Streets Ahead contract are redacted and unavailable for the public and experts to see. You have also received a number of letters commenting on the laws surrounding the arguable trespass of tree campaigners.

However, to an extent, these matters are red herrings. The parts of the contract that can be reviewed - by anyone - clearly show that SCC has a responsibility to deliver sustainable management of our street trees and to deliver standard good practice. It is this that they are clearly failing in - with lots of evidence already gathered by the public. We don’t need to see yet more of the contract to realise this, prove it and evoke change. We still don’t have a Tree and Woodlands Strategy promised two years ago. We still aren’t seeing evidence that SCC and their contractor Amey are applying any alternatives to felling. Chasing up redacted parts of the PFI contracts is vital and principled, as is challenging any Council’s draconian application of trespass laws under the guise of altruism. However, we need to keep our eye on the ball.


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Seems we’re not so good

We have been subjected to a barrage of hype by the BBC regarding our track and field athletes, apparently they are all medallists before they have even run, jumped or thrown.

In the main they have failed to podium and we have had the après event, breathless interviews with tears and “well I’ll take the positives I’m only 20 so roll on Tokyo”, forgetting that the American who won was only 20 too! I’m sure at some stage we will persuade the IAA to strike a medal for 4th place, we’d win a bundle of those! Most of these athletes are living on grants, some decide to train in France, (why?), they all look good with well groomed hair styles and in some cases artistic tattoos, (who pays?), what a pity that most of them fail to achieve AND we’ve now gone from performance enhancing drugs to performance restricting bugs. The highlight has been seeing that class act Dame Jessica Ennis-Hill receiving her belated gold, a true star and from Sheffield.

Jeremy Biggin

Upperthorpe, Sheffield

Tree policy support

I write in support of the tree replacement policy being carried out by Sheffield Council. I have lived here for more than 30 years as have many of my neighbours, the majority who I have talked to feel the same way, there are a small minority who are against the tree policy, but tend not to have a tree directly in front or adjacent to there own property.

Our road has a number of very large mature trees, they look nice but have many undesirable side effects, uneven pavements, kerbs jutting out into the road, front boundary walls leaning and broken, roofs that have to be cleared of moss growth, gutters that have to be cleared of leaves and finally the limiting effect of warmth and light through front windows. As an example a neighbour had a mature London plane 4.5m from their bay window, these trees grow to a height of 20-25m twice as high as their house and a spread of 15-20m with root systems spreading up to 12m. Would you want a tree of this size so close to your property?

My house and some of my neighbours have trees directly in front of their houses, we are the people who are directly affected, not the people who have been protesting and disrupting the tree replacement program who have a selfish attitude and are only bothered with their own agenda, because of this disruption the pavement and kerb work has now been delayed and will probably delay the planting of new more suitably sized trees.

I would also like to commend the restraint and civility shown by the various contractors when confronted by the protestors climbing past the safety barriers erected for the safety of the general public. Reports of contractors banging on peoples doors telling them to move cars is not true, when a car needs moving for safety reasons I observed them being more than civil in their requests.

A number of the trees have been felled, including the one in front of my and other neighbours houses and we all agree we now have much more light and warmth filling our front lounges and bedrooms, we will no longer have to have our gutters cleared of leaves and moss scraped off the front roof.

Hopefully the planned road and pavement work will proceed along with the replanting of the more suitable, sensible sized trees this autumn.

Mr T Parkin


Not a suitable environment

I was interested in an article about the Levang restaurant, Nether Green, wanting planning to erect outdoor seating which can be used from midday until 11pm. No-one in your article mentions the fact that you have a school opposite and when the children leave school there are lots of parents and children in the area, which will be overlooked by diners and drinkers, and smokers. When it is not being used by the restaurant it will be used as a climbing frame for any reveller who is on the way home from a night out. This is not a suitable environment to have this decking which will alter the ‘green’ at Nether Green.

Lindsay Bonsall

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