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On a recent shopping trip to our local Asda store atParson Cross, my 83-year-old mother and I had an accident on leaving the supermarket.

The trolley wheels became jammed on the trevelator on exit, mum lost her balance and fell backwards onto mewith the travelator still in motion.

Fortunately, someone did press the emergency stop button and people rallied to help.

One extremely kind gentleman came to assist and brought his own first aid kit from his car and stayed with us while the store’s first-aider Sam tended to us.

This gentleman gave up his own time to take first mum home, then me with our shopping.

So a very big heartfelt “Thankyou” from both of us for your kind act.

John Beckingham a true gent.

We wish you and your family a very “Merry Christmas” and new year.

Dawn Goude

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