A speedy removal

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I emailed two letters to two of our city councillors. The first letter was sent to the councillor for my area and was about the parking problems at our local school, plus another issue. On October 14, I received a response from the councillor saying they would be in touch shortly.

Two months later and – nothing.

The second letter was written to a councillor on November 29, about a huge tree near my home that has roots breaking through the surface of the pavement, yet again.

It also appears to be bringing down the wall that my neighbour built to separate the pavement from his garden.

As the councillor is the tsar for environmental issues, who seems to be happy lopping down trees in other parts of the city, I thought that this would be a simple matter.

Indeed, I thought he would be joyous that someone actually wanted a tree removing considering all the bad press he has received recently over Rustlings Road.

Three weeks later and not even an acknowledgement of my email let alone a reply.

I would like to wish both councillors a happy Christmas and a speedy removal from the Town Hall at the next local elections.