A price worth paying?

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Veronica Hardstaff, (Letters, October 25), now bemoans the fact that the people should have a say on EU leaving terms. Maybe they will?

Another ‘backdoor way’ of keeping the ‘remoaners’ in, maybe?

She says it’s untrue that we pay £350 million/week to stay in the club but doesn’t say what the ‘true’ figure is.

The following may enlighten her and the other ‘remoaners’ on these pages.

In 2015 our invoice to the EU was £17.8 billion gross with rebate £12.9 billion net, over £1billion/month. That equates to £200/person in the UK or a 10th of the NHS budget or enough to reduce basic rate income tax by 3p/£1. All this with rebate equates to £35million/day net.

After money returned and aid spending Britain gave £6.5 billion to the EU, £18 million/day net.

A price worth paying to belong to no more than a totally corrupt club?

I don’t think so, whatever the ‘remoaners’ tell us.

Hope the above figures meet with the ‘remoaners’ approval.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74