A period of greed

Easter Eggs
Easter Eggs
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Isn’t it a shame when our old traditions are silenced or obliterated in deference to alien religions.

That’s what English pagans must have said when their customary springtime festival in honour of the Goddess Eostre was swept aside by a new craze from the continent, and forcibly replaced by the new-fangled “Easter”.

This still rankles today with us pesky English non-Christians, so secretly we have been lobbying big manufacturers to remove “Easter” from their seasonal egg-and bunny-shaped goodies.

Chocolate is so central to the Christian faith that this will undermine it completely, and then we can reclaim the name for its proper use to describe a period of greed, overindulgence and unnecessary consumption, filling that awkward spending gap between the solstices.

J Robin Hughes

Towngate Road, Worrall, Sheffield, S35