A new lease of life as pubs

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I was dismayed to read our very own ‘Professor Vanessa’ (Toulmin), as I have christened her, seemingly disparage Wetherspoon’s in the recent Star Round Table as reported online.

Prof, Sheffield owes you and the university a lot but let’s not overlook Wetherspoon’s contribution to Sheffield’s heritage.

Listed buildings given a new lease of life include Rawson Spring, Aunt Sally, Bankers Draft (possibly listed), parts of Wards Brewery (of Blessed Memory).

There are original cast-iron pillars from Faulkner’s Billiard Hall in the Benjamin Huntsman as well as well-researched local features and images in their local estate.

When can we get Fright Night back?

If you want someone for the role of The Golem – look no further.

Big Ron Clayton