A most un-holy road read...

Van in Upper Hanover Street, June 8 2011
Van in Upper Hanover Street, June 8 2011
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THERE’S certainly no shortage of drivers unhappy with the state of Sheffield’s roads but here’s one motorist who has found an entirely new way of registering his disgust.

The van driver – and his angry message – was spotted by Diary spies on Upper Hanover Road yesterday.

The profanity-riddled, but perhaps rather profound (and popular), diatribe printed professionally on the back of his van reads: “Caution: So so sorry for going so so slow, reason being the roads are absolutely f****d. Pot holes.”

And it concludes: “Sheffield, The holy holy city”.

The state of the city’s road network has become an almost constant bone of contention among drivers who say the roads are among the worst in the country.

A permanent resurfacing plan costing £674 million for all the city’s roads was announced by the city council earlier this year but has since been put on hold.