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Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls
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This is Scout Community Week and I’m super proud of the difference 183rd Sheffield Scouts are making in their local community.

This year 183rd Sheffield Scouts has chosen to focus on mental wellbeing.

This means, thanks to the Scouting’s award-winning campaign, A Million Hands they have spent time learning about the issue, finding out about the people it affects and taking meaningful action to improve and support their quality of life in Sheffield.

I would also like to recognise the volunteers at 183rd Sheffield Scouts for their dedication each week to giving Scouts the chance to have fun, adventure and take part in life changing opportunities through the A Million Hands project.

A Million Hands is celebrating its one year anniversary this October and it’s down to the 200,000 members who have signed up to take part, such as the 183rd Sheffield Scouts that the past year has been such a success.

During this special week, I would just like to say ‘A Million Thanks’ to these incredible Scouts.

They really are shining lights in their community

Bear Grylls

Chief Scout