A hedgetrimmer should do the trick

University Square
University Square
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Driving around Sheffield at the moment must be quite confusing for visitors as the number of road signs either missing, covered by tree growth or turned the wrong way has increased as the summer progresses.

Not only are directional signs for roundabouts completely obscured, causing indecision and lane swapping, when people realise where they need to go at the last moment, but speed limit signs are hidden from view in many places.

I can’t imagine it would take much resources to send someone to drive around Sheffield taking note of any sign that needs attention, then reporting it and actioning remedial work. A few spanners and a hedgetrimmer should do the trick.

Maybe Amey are waiting for the autumn when the leaves fall off to save money.

How would a driver get on in court for speeding if they can prove the road sign was completely covered when they passed it. A good example is as you are coming down the hill past Grenoside crematorium the limit changes from national speed limit to 30 mph and both signs are completely covered by tree growth.

This road is on a driving test route and is narrow and steep if people miss the signs it could be dangerous if people carry on over the speed limit.

I hope whoever is in charge of Sheffield’s road signs reads this and takes some action.

Andy Kirbyshaw

Lynmouth Road, S7