A disgrace to the positions they hold

Protest outside Sheffield Magistrates Court
Protest outside Sheffield Magistrates Court
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So, J Howe, (Letters, August 16), suggests that those who oppose the felling of our street trees should “go and live elsewhere”.

Well, let me tell you that after 47 miserable years of living on a housing estate owned by Sheffield City Council I only wish that were possible, but unfortunately I don’t have the necessary finances to move to a city that has a greater appreciation of their trees.

There is nothing ‘hysterical’ about wanting to protect our heritage for the next generation and people are justifiably concerned that 6,000 healthy trees have already been destroyed (with thousands more threatened) when an original survey showed that only 1,200 needed to be felled that were diseased,dangerous or dying which no one objected to.

There is absolutely no need for “properties and the wellbeing of the blind, disabled and infirm” to be compromised as all the thousands of healthy trees felled could have been saved by adopting simple engineering solutions incorporated into the Amey £2.2 billion contract at no extra cost to the taxpayers but SCC have refused to implement these methods.

Instead they have squandered huge amounts of money on court action to stop people’s right to peacefully protest and that the mass felling of our street trees is totally unnecessary.

They have also ignored ALL sensible advice from renowned arboricultural experts and Councillor Bryan Lodge had the audacity to announce after the High Court ruling that found in their favour that the council will now ‘step up its tree felling’.

How dare J Howe say that the tree campaigners are “loving the power and publicity and having an exciting time reliving their student days”?

Can anyone seriously believe that people want the anxiety of being involved in a long and stressful confrontation with the council, or spend their valuable time out on the streets in all weathers trying to save our trees when they have lives they want to get on with?

I am not asking men to carry out “tough and dangerous” work on my behalf and since our councillors are elected to serve all the people of this city as a council-tax payer I have every right, along with others who oppose the tree-felling programme, for my views to be heard and to question action which will have a detrimental effect on the quality of life of everyone.

I quite agree it’s time to take back control of our city as there is nothing democratic about a council that uses bully-boy tactics to silence anyone who disagrees with their policies and they are a disgrace to the positions they hold.

Susan Richardson

Westminster Crescent, Lodge Moor, Sheffield, S10