A dawn raid poem

Rustlings Road Tree felling
Rustlings Road Tree felling
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A poem following the dawn raid on the trees on Rustlings Road.

I walked down Rustlings Road admiring the golden trees

I was glad to live not far from such a tranquil place of peace

But on Thursday I was horrified to find the trees had gone

Whatever now I asked myself, has this hypocritical council done?

As I’ve often said before, the council’s full of consultation flannel

But I never thought they would completely ignore their own tree panel

They came like cowardly thieves when the sun was dawning

So that lovers of our heritage would have no chance of warning

What happens next? Will they come surreptitiously in the dark

And take away the driveway limes in Endcliffe Park?

They do not listen to the people, folks views they just ignore

I for one, won’t be taken in, by the ‘listening’ council any more

And what sort of council has two grannies arrested on the quiet

Did they think they were about to start a violent dawn riot?

Concerned Heritage Lover

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