£500,000 is not enough

spoiled stream
spoiled stream
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The £500,000 that’s earmarked to improve Gleadless Valley is welcomed but it’s far short of what’s needed.

My wife and I have lived on the estate for more than 50 years, not as long as some but more than most who live here now.

The rot started on the Valley when young people were given the right to council housing, the council installed them in what were one-bedroomed flats for pensioners.

These tenants caused problems forcing the older people out, flats were trashed and the council were left to pick up the bill.

At the moment we are plagued by motorbikes speeding up and down the roads, over grassed areas churning up the grass and the council seem to be doing nothing about it.

Cars are driven onto the grassed areas also, because it’s just too much of an effort for the drivers to walk just those extra few yards from the road.

Footpaths are blocked by vehicles forcing women with prams to walk out into the road.

In the article on Monday, April 3, there were references made to children not having anything to do.

Children should make their own entertainment like we did when we were children.

Every day I see children going out to play and their parents do not watch what they are up to, house curtains are perpetually closed, so how do they keep an eye on their offspring?

They don’t, they are left to cause problems for other people.

Near my home young children between seven and 10 regularly climb into large refuse bins full of household refuse and dirty nappies and throw it everywhere.

But if you told the parents you would get the response “my kids don’t do that”.

Newfield Green shopping area was a very comfortable place to shop, no yobs, no drinkers, swear words were very rarely heard but now any day you can see these “don’t-want-to-work people”.

They gather at the Blackstock pub and outside the bread shop.

These are just the people who have brought this estate to what we see today and I point the finger at the council for not being strong enough to enforce its housing rules.

The police should get out of their cars and make their presence felt, crack down on the druggies and their dealers.

It always amazes me that these workshy people say that they can’t manage but they still manage to smoke, have mobile phones, buy drugs and have a £500 dog in tow, despite a no dogs rule for council tenants, which is another rule the council let slide.

There are areas on the estate that have been left and left until it costs too much to combat it.

One such area is a stream that runs under the junction of Gleadless Road and Leighton Road and it resurfaces a few yards from Spotswood Road.

It’s now overgrown with trees and shrubs, so it’s used as a dumping ground by the little darlings who never at fault.

This attitude of the children has now rubbed off onto the immigrants who now live here.

They think that rules do not apply to them and they can do just what they want, a big problem in the making I’m afraid.

So all in all, the fault for the state of the Valley is squarely with the council for allowing it to slip over the abyss.

Tenants are not told to keep their properties presentable – blankets, coats and rags are used as curtains and these are left up for years. What kind of impression does that give?

It’s time the council got rid of their blinkers and put right what they’ve allowed to go wrong.

£500,000 would just about clear the small stream out and put barriers up to stop vehicles parking on the grass.

And install a couple of machine gun nests for the off-road bikers, who are hell-bent on destroying the environment.

Sadly nothing will change on the estate I’m afraid



Rewriting history again

Ex-London Mayor and Labour Party stalwart, Ken Livingstone is threatened with all kinds of Armageddon for what seems to be just telling the truth.

Mr Livingstone said: “When Hitler won his election in 1932, his policy then was that Jews should be moved to Israel. He was supporting Zionism, before he went mad and ended up killing six million Jews.”

Livingstone never said Hitler was a Zionist, only that he supported Zionism by moving Jews to Palestine (Israel).

Anyone reading history will find that statement is fact, so what is the problem with the Jewish community and the Labour Party wanting to rewrite history ?

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue, Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

I’m just surmising

I am not usually baffled, but who stumps up the cash for the 350-plus guests at the banquet for the Cutlers feast?

It must be a costly affair, not only for the sumptuous menu but the principle speaker will want his whack.

Hopefully it’s not the tax payer, or is it, one can only surmise.

EB Warris

by email

British coinage

Being of a certain age and temperament I am less than enamoured of recent developments to what was a substantial and robust British coinage whose imagery reflected my idea of Britain.

Instead of Britannia and heraldry, what is now pressed upon us? Peter Rabbit and Mrs Tiggiwinkle. God help us!

Can you imagine Uncle Sam using the image of one of my favourite cartoon characters Bugs Bunny, along with Foghorn Leghorn and Yosemite Sam, on their coins?

Grumpy Old Man


The final nail in the coffin

I hope Sheffield City Council don’t follow other cities to charge diesel cars to drive in. They’ve already made the city awful for car drivers as it is. I think it will be the final nail in the coffin for shops and businesses.

As it is, people with cars don’t go to the city centre because of the ridiculous prices for parking and the stupid one-way system that turns what was a straightforward journey into extra turns and traffic lights to get to a road that used to be a metre down the road. Don’t be more silly than you already are and do something to entice car drivers to the centre once again.

David Forrest

Hepworth Drive, Swallownest, S26

What an insult

For Mother Theresa to say the Tories are now the champions of the working class is an insult.

Someone wants to remind her that more people are now relying on food banks and benefit sanctions in our false economy, contributed to by failed Tory policies.

G Ellis