Your Say letter: My son will not be cheering on Blades if Evans returns

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With reference to your story on Ched Evans’ possible return to Sheffield United, I would like to say that his girlfriend has completely missed the point when she says he should be allowed to play.

It is correct that If he was a builder or bank worker, we would not be having this discussion. It is because he is a professional footballer that we are.

Builders and bank workers can return to work, keep their heads down and do their job with no impact on others.

Ched Evans would be part of a team that is supported by paying fans who cheer from the stands and young kids who look up to their heroes.

My son is a Sheffield United fan but he will not be going to any more matches if Ched Evans returns as I do not feel comfortable with my son cheering on a club that condones rape by employing a convicted rapist.

Even if he is innocent of rape, his behaviour was unbecoming of a professional sportsman and completely distasteful and sleazy to take advantage of a girl who was clearly unable to look after herself.

While Ched Evans is a good footballer, surely there are players of equal ability with better morals than him that United could sign.

I am all for rehabilitation and giving people who have served their time a chance to rebuild their lives and return to work but the position of professional footballer is different. A professional footballer is a role model to thousands of kids who look up to them, he is supported by thousands of men and women who cheer and encourage them each week. Football is a family sport where generations get together to support a team.

If Sheffield United want to remain a family club, they have to take into consideration the feelings of parents who want to take their kids to a club where their players are professional on and OFF the pitch and set a good example.

Rachel France

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